Common Hand of the Gods Card List






At the start of your turn, move to a random enemy and attack it. This counts as normal move and attack.

Advanced Maneuver

Swap the position of two units.

Aegean Outcast

Warcry: Swap the attack and health of a unit.


  • Mana Cost: 4
  • Attack: 2
  • Health: 4
  • Type: God
  • Pantheon: Hindu
  • Rarity: Common

Warcry: Deal 1 damage to enemy units.

Reincarnate: Your Warcry now deals 2 damage.


  • Mana Cost: 7
  • Attack: 7
  • Health: 6
  • Movement: 3
  • Cooldown: 2
  • Type: God
  • Pantheon: Greek
  • Rarity: Common

Warcry: Pull an enemy to you and Stun them.


Draw cards until you have the same number as your opponent.

Armored Behemoth

Whenever this unit takes damage, gain +3/+0.


  • Mana Cost: 8
  • Attack: 5
  • Health: 8
  • Type: God
  • Pantheon: Hindu
  • Rarity: Common

Warcry: Kill a friendly unit and gain attack equal to its cost. Afterlife: Spawn a 3/3 Avatar.

Battle Rage

Deal 2 damage to a unit and give a friendly unit +2/+0 until the end of your turn.

Beacon of Hope

Spawn a random Greek God.


Spend all remaining mana to spawn a Zombie with attack and health equal to the amount spent.


Deal 2 damage to an enemy. If you control 3 or more units deal 4 instead.