Common Hand of the Gods Card List





Manifold Blade

Deal 1 damage and +1 additional damage for every friendly Beast in play.


  • Mana Cost: 6
  • Attack: 6
  • Health: 5
  • Movement: 3
  • Type: God
  • Pantheon: Greek
  • Rarity: Common

Immune: Enemy Spells.


Return a friendly unit to your hand and deal 6 damage to an enemy unit.

Pact of Artha

Change ownership of two units with the same mana cost.


Give a friendly unit Immune: Return Damage.

Pillar of Creation

Whenever you play a structure, spawn a 2/1 Avatar.

Pillar of Earth

Warcry: Deal 1 damage to an enemy unit and Root them. All enemies have their movement reduced by 1.

Pillar of Fortitude

All friendlies you spawn or deploy gain +0/+2. Does not stack.

Pillar of Parity

All enemy units have 1 less attack.


Select a friendly and deal its attack as damage to an enemy unit.


Deal 1 damage to an enemy unit and Stun them.

Rain of Arrows

Select a 3×3 area. Deal 2 damage to all units NOT in the selected area.