Chaos in Rome – Open Beta 0.37 Patch Notes

Here’s the new patch notes for the “Chaos in Rome” patch! I’m currently adding the new cards as well as updating the reworked ones.


  • Discordia (Roman)
    • Ranged Unit, 4 Mana, 3/3, Rare
    • Warcry: Swap your hand with your opponent’s.
  • Insight (Hindu)
    • Spell, 3 Mana, Epic
    • Replace your Leader Ability with: Discover a card in your deck.
  • Mana Burst (Chinese)
    • Spell, 1 Mana, Rare
    • Deal damage equal to your opponent’s unused mana.
  • Transmute Dead (Mayan)
    • Spell, 2 Mana, Rare
    • Discard a card and spawn a 4/4 Crazed Zombie


  • Celestial Armor (Egyptian)
    • Cost increased from 3 to 8.
    • Select a friendly unit. Whenever it is targeted, spawn a 4/4 copy of it.
  • Kraken (Greek)
    • Now a Spell Card
    • 3 Mana
    • Replace your Leader Ability with The Kraken!
  • Poseidon (Greek)
    • New Ability: Warcry: Return all enemy units on Poseidon’s row to their owner’s hand. Add a random god to your hand for each returned.
  • Sacrifice (Egypt)
    • Cost increased from 2 to 3.
    • Kill a friendly unit and add two copies of it to your hand.
  • Void Zone (Mayan)
    • Moved from the Hindu pantheon to the Mayan pantheon
    • 4 Mana
    • Silence all enemies adjacent to either Summoning Stone.


  • Weekday Gauntlet 1: Colossal
      • Decks can only include cards that cost 5 or more. Players start with 5 mana.
      • Rewards: 2 core packs, 100 favor, Cutesy Merdusa.
  • Weekday Gauntlet 2: Marksmanship
      • Players can only queue with decks that have Spells and Ranged units. No melee units are allowed.
      • Rewards: 2 core packs, 100 favor, Cutesy Izanami.
  • Weekend Gauntlet 1: Triple Threat
      • Map includes only three rows of playable tiles. All normal decks allowed.
      • Rewards: 3 core packs, 150 favor, Cutesy Neith.
  • Weekend Gauntlet 2: Pantheon Wars
    • Players can only queue with decks that have ALL Egyptian or Chinese cards. All other pantheons are not allowed in this queue, nor are neutral cards.
    • Rewards: 3 core packs, 150 favor, Cutesy Bastet.


  • Accensus can no longer move through blocked paths to hit a unit.
  • Added a tooltip for the reincarnated version of Tribute of Stone.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would occasionally get stuck in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Leader Abilities would not work after using Nox’s Warcry.
  • Fixed an issue where Ra’s Leader Description would get cut off on lower resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where Silence would not affect Spartan, Osiris, and Pillar of Fortitude.
  • Fixed an issue where the Turn Timer could could get stuck and lock players out of action.
  • Player names no longer stay on screen when conceding a game from the Menu.
  • Sanctuary now properly prevents poisoned units from dying.
  • Updated Bakasura’s card text to properly reflect his Warcry.

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