Cursed Dragon – Open Beta 0.33 Patch Notes – Two New Cards, UI Updates

The Cursed Dragon patch brings along a couple of new cards for the Norse Pantheon, as well as some UI fixes and improvements. Check out the patch notes below:

New Cards

  • Cursed Dragon – Norse
    • Ranged Unit, God, 7 Mana, 4/5, Legendary
    • Warcry: Poison all units on target column leaving a poison pool on tiles without units. Units that end their turn on these tiles are poisoned.
  • Fafnir – Norse
    • Melee Unit, God, 3 Mana, 5/5, Epic
    • If Fafnir is including in your deck, you can not play cards that cost 5 or more.

Deck Builder and Collection

  • Increased the size of selected cards.
  • Replaced model viewer with larger preview for all card types.
  • Reduced the number of cards per page by 2.
  • Improved card counter with better indication of how many of a specific card is already in your deck.


  • New in-game UI art treatment
  • The playable grid is now always visible.
  • New mana count treatment with larger sizing.
  • Deck tracker and taunts have been moved under the menu in the top left.


  • FOV has been tightened to give a more up close view of the board.


Card Text

  • Cleaned up various card text descriptions for better clarity
    • Athena, Bacchus, Bull Demon King, Pillar of Exile


  • Aspect of Life
    • Cost increased from 2 to 4.


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