Aggro beast Nu Wa + guide

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Hi everyone, this is one of the strongest decks in Hand of the Gods, namely aggressive beast Nu Wa.

In the mulligan you need at least one beast, that you will be able to play in the first turn. You don’t need any spells besides Manifold BladeRecall, Calamity, also you don’t need Suku and He Bo.

First few turns you need to deploy minions to deal as much damage to the enemy summoning stone as possible untill he kills all of your creatures and blocks all three passways to his summoning stone. This deck has one of the best early games in Hand of the Gods, because:

1) You have 6 minions, that cost 2 mana and 6 minions, that cost 3 mana Add a Crescent Blade to your hand and reduce its cost by 1 until end of turn.

2) Beasts buff each other

3) You can remove enemy minions for just 1 mana with Manifold Blade 

4) He Bo can create huge tempo swings

5) You have 4 stuns, 2 of which are aoe (Calamity)

After you have dealt a certain amount of damage to the enemy with your minions, your goal is to defend your own summoning stone untill you draw Dragon King and Inferno to take off the rest of the enemy’s summoning stone’s hp. Good news is that you have 7 card drawing cards, one of which can draw multiple cards at a time (Emperor's Prize). Not to mention Arcane Conduit, which is a great game stalling tool and a counter to Odin and Ah Puch. During this game phase sometimes you have to skip turns and save a few minions to deploy them in the same turn as Manifold Blade or Emperor's Prize, if you haven’t used these spells before.

If you don’t have enough dust for the legendaries, you can replace them with Nemean Lion, Beckoning Strike or Chaofeng. Although this deck loses quite a bit of power without Dragon King, budget version is still a viable option. 

Have fun 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aggro beast Nu Wa + guide

  1. Vladzero
    July 18, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Hey Creo18. IT is a really strong Deck. Therefore is almost nothing I would Change maybe except for arcane conduit as your Deck is constructed such that you Attack the enemy’s summoning Stone and Block the way to your Optimallyrik fromm the beginning of the Game. So what I would include instead is the second Inferno such that the Chance of drawing one Doubles and if you draw both you will need to Deal Just 9 damage to the enemy’s summoning Stone (if your opponent is Not a Ra) with the rest of your cards which is very easy to so with your Deck. What so you think about it?

    • Creo18 - Author
      July 18, 2018 at 9:09 pm

      Arcane conduit helps to survive till you have 10 mana and you are able to cast an inferno. A second inferno would make your early game worse, because sometimes you would draw both infernos.


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