Competitive Mayan Midy

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Removal Package

Ritual Strike (Just a filler card basically, this slot could be a number of things, but often I find myself just needing 1 damage. Even if we don’t get the zombie, sometimes this can allow Blight, Awilix, or Sever to kill a 4 toughness dude. At 0 mana we don’t lose tempo.)

Blood Bond x 2 (These are premier removal, trading usually a zombie with their 2 or 3 drop, can be a bit risky later, but Mayan usually has numbers. Losing a Awilix isn’t the worst anyway)

Sever x 2 (While the weakest removal spell, kinda necessary even though it’s a bit overpriced for 3 dmg. The 5 dmg clause isn’t irrelevant want, can be triggered by blood bond and barter soul. I just found myself always wanting this to combine with Xbal, Awilix or Cabrak to take out 3+  toughness dudes)

Decay x 2 (These cards are just insane, and one of the best reasons to play midy Mayan, works as a pseudo silence against recarn and other afterlife things)

Blight (Pretty standard card in any Mayan list right now, upside is all there and can swing the game np. Never play the first blight if you are in a mirror. Often needs a bit more damage, xbal, ritual strike, and sever can help)



Awilix x 2 (Everyone was saying she is net nerfed, and I didn’t play with the original, but so far, I like Awilix here. The meta kinda dictates some way to stifle rush decks like Beast Wa, Beast Zeus, and Fafnir Odin. On a good day she can take over the board, otherwise she a 3/3 for 3 that if she trades gets a 2/2.)

Chaos Spawn x 2 (Without a standard silence spell, you kinda need to play these. These cards are just premier 3 drops, and Mayan doesn’t mind mind losing them later to Barter, or Bond.)

Xbal (This was initially a 2 of, however, with the zombies, you often don’t get full value out of something like Sun, Moon is always okay, and can change the tide against Egypt and shut down Neith etc. I found myself with the extra Xbal too often and not wanting to kill my Zombies. This could easier be  2 off, as it’s a really good card in the meta. Unsure about it. The extra damage from sun can really come in hand with Blight also.)

Cabrakan x 2 (This guy is really good, honestly, I donno if mid-late game would even be possible without these walls. If you can manage to get them to the crystal and even activate once, your 4 mana was spent well. Opponents often have to 2 for 1 themselves to get rid of him early. They play defense and offense perfectly, making them the best mid range card. That being said I have seen mayan lists without them. Usually opting for more late game, Gladiators, or a spell package)

Chaac x 2 (Man oh man is it good to have these guys in here, they kind of smooth out the removal package, can help Awilix make trades, may help weaken mobs for blight etc. a 4/4 at 5 mana isn’t bad, and the 2 damage lets the early zombie hoard trade and survive. Can’t think of other cards I’d rather play. Perhaps, Deadeyes, Tomb Guardians.)

Kuku (Been pretty consistently good, if you can get him down on curve and they don’t have the right removal, it’s either 2 for 1 themselves to kill it, or suffer the wrath.)

War Behemoth x 2 (Oh man, if Kabrakan needed a best buddy, it’s this guy. Stall, stall, stall. This card is easily one of the best cards in hotg right now. Without the right removal, he can be a massive engine, netting you 3 or 4 cards sometimes off one card, all while dealing damage, he has buff stats and draws the cards.)

Hydra, Camazotz, Fire Giant (These are my midy finishers. been messing around with numbers. Started with 2 blademaster, went down to 1, now going to try Hydra. Camazotz is just a better Blade, and Giant is Giant. These things win games, and hopefully with our Jund esque removal they can find a path)


Card Draw, Barter and Behemoth (This is my card draw engines, Barter has been really good, I think it’s kind of the perfect card in this deck. Lets you have chance to reclaim good units if they were sacrificed, and if you can watch carefully, hitting the second Barter while you already have one in the gy is potentially a lot of card advantage if you can loop them)


Will write more later on omissions, cards you could play, FTP cards to slot in and how I think it does.

Still only level 22 in ranked. Going to grind this list and see what I find.

Suggestions Ideas?





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