Control Roman (OB .31)

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Standard Control Roman


Trying out Outmanuvered, It seems pretty decent in some match ups. 

Just made a final push to masters using this deck so I will go into a more in-depth deck guide.

Card Choices:

Most of the card choices should be pretty obvious – Double Blademaster, Fire Giant etc but I will talk about some cards that required more thought and cards that I decided to not include.

War Behemoth – Should be obvious but since Roman has no reliable card draw, war behemoth is sometimes your own choice. It can allow you to draw a ton of cards or bait out silence. You could also run elder harpies but I am not sure what I would take out for them.


Mulligans and Matchups –

Mulligans are pretty matchup dependent but a good rule of thumb is go for infernal cannon, mercury and chaos spawn. These cards are the basis of your early game.

Odin – 

Odin is a scary match up because of the amount of rush damage or even tempo plays that can happen. In general, the ladder has aggro odin which means you want your rain of arrows, mercurys, infernal cannon, shackles and chaos spawn. The goal of this match up is to keep Odin’s board clear. Being able to transition to late game where units like Terra, Blademaster and Hercules can make efficient trades is very important. I find that this match up can be determined solely on the mulligan, so be wise in your choices.  


Ra –

Ra has the potential to snowball into insane value with Sobek, Sacred Warrior and Thoth (also everything). Your mulligans should be for Chaos Spawn, Shackle and better value cards like Gladiator or War Behemoth. NEVER hit the enemies summoning stone unless it is neccesary. I find that this match up can be fairly tough because of the removal that Ra has. You should always remember to play around Thoth, Anubis and most importantly Annihilation. Never let the Ra get a good Annihilation if possibly. The ideal game plan against Ra is being able to get rid of early game threats like Baset/Sobek with shackle and your aoe and then transition into your late game cards with Hercules, Terra and Blademasters to make efficient trades. If your opponent decides to turtle up, use your dishonorable and hero power to clear them out.


Nu Wa –

The Nu Wa match up is fairly even. You should mulligan for your early game mercury, chaos spawn, shackle and infernal cannons in order to get rid of Nu Wa’s annoying Imperial Guards or Hou Yi’s. After this, you should be able to over power Nu Wa with the ability to AOE down (or Hercules pull) their backline (the standard Guan Yi, Ao Kuang and Zhong Kui turtle).  Be careful of the tempo plays the Nu Wa. 


Ah Puch –

I find that thier match up can be fairly favorable due to the amount of AOE you have. Mulligan for chaos spawn, Mercury, Rain of Arrows and Infernal Cannons. You want to be able to bait out blood bonds early in the game so that your late game minions can be safe for such a tempo play. In addition, don’t be afraid to “waste” AOE on zombies because of the threat they present. Cards like Cabraken can give you trouble so saving silences for them can be important. Late game, using Dishonorable to clear their units is pretty important as usual. Dishonorable can deal with zombies and because of the limited movement of zombies, usually a guaranteed AOE.


Zeus –

Zeus isn’t really played often but it can be a pretty difficult match up if they are able to play on curve and get ramp. You want to mulligan for shackles, chaos spawn and mercury. Against Zeus, you want to maintain a board presence because Zeus is able to overwhelm you with powerful Gods if you get behind. There is not really much else to say about the Zeus match up..


Mirror Match –

I will go into more depth about the mirror match up but essentially this match up is all about who can get off good AOE and who can get their Terra’s to get good trades.


General Tips –

This goes for any deck but ALWAYS keep in mind answers your enemies may have. Playing around them and forcing bad trades is extremely important. Control Roman is all about getting value out of your cards whether it be through insane board clear, trades with Terra, or using the Hero Power to draw out units in the back line. I hope this guide was somewhat helpful and I plan on updating it as time goes on. Good luck on ladder and feel free to ask any questions!


6 thoughts on “Control Roman (OB .31)

  1. Benares974
    October 29, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    I love Bellona as a goddess in Smite and in this game her mechanics are insanely fun! Thanks for the great guide !

    • Jinaru - Author
      October 31, 2017 at 2:46 am

      no problem! i need to update this though, it is a bit out of date

      • Last Regret
        October 31, 2017 at 2:27 pm

        Really cool deck, do you have any idea when you might be able to update the list? I have been play testing with the new cards and have had quite a good win rate. Curious to see how it might compare to what you come up with.

  2. Amateracu
    October 12, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Are u gonna replace Lernaean Hydra once its cost is increased to 7 next week ? I think it’ll still be super strong against pantheons that have no hard removal and can only rely on chaos spawns. I started playing this game like 2 weeks ago and i’ve lost 70% of my ranked games just because of Hydra even when it was played from behind. No removal or silence in hand = insta lose.

  3. enquestaba
    September 22, 2017 at 2:21 am

    why some1 downvote without reasons? im gonna try this deck

    • Jinaru - Author
      September 23, 2017 at 12:02 am

      let me know how it goes


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