Discordia Version 1.4

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1st change
-sprint +rain of arrows

sprint was a dead card most of the time and often served only as a 3mana hero ability. Rain of arrows to help against other aggressive decks a very bad card to discordia to your opponent

2nd change
-sprint – tenacity + 2 white tigers

too many spell! Not enough units to play, white tigers aren’t the best but it’s something else to play on turn 2 to get cards out of your hand.

3rd change
-discord +blink

Discord loses effectiveness with only one tenacity, because of my early board presence it did not get use on a lot of units.
Discord was used mostly as an rng blink in order to bring the backline in range of my imperial soldier for 0 mana allowing me to play a 3 drop the same turn, blink will do this job more effectively.

4th change
– tenacity -2doom speaker
+ blink +2brontes

Tenacity became significantly worse without discord it can win games but it often already requires you to be winning for it to be playable. Being able to play a 3 drop while trading using blink has shown to be a very strong play and therefore worth running two.  Doom speaker is a good card and a great three drop the three attack challenges all early game snowball units and the 4 health put itself out of range of many removal, however brontes fulfills a role of threatening to snowball unless silenced  ensuring higher priority cards like bacchus and janus become safer to play. Brontes might not be a core card as the god count is low 8/25 with double discordia being cards not typically to be played as early as turn 4.

5th change
-rain of arrows
-white tiger
+2 marksman

Rain of arrows ended up hurting me more against midrange decks (prepping for the Discordia turn) than it did against aggro decks ( Janus became clearly the primary win condition, not the AoE advantage)
White tiger is an excellent card, but only if you’re going first. Marksman can be played defensively while having the same range and a high likely hood (5/25 2-3 drops gods) of having 2 attack on his first move. The fact that markman is ranged grants advanced synergy with nox and scion of doom

17/25 units

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