[Divine Battle] 5-0 Midrange/Control Zeus [Ranked Viable]

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Hand of the Gods gameplay showing a Gauntlet run using Zeus for “Divine Battle”, all voiced over by yours truly.

When trying to figure out whether to choose Greek vs Roman vs Mayan this Gauntlet, was the changes to Posiedon and The Kraken, similar to Pantheon War.  The tempo that Poseidon can generate can be crazy sometimes even when bouncing a single card.  The big difference in this deck compared to Pantheon Wars, is the ability to splice in our very powerful Neutral choices in Marksman, Brontes, & Fire Giant.  This deck has been something I’ve been working on for a while to grind Ranked, shoutout to SamIamNot for inspiring this deck with our deck talks during Beta.

As mentioned in the Pantheon War writeup, Bacchus and Discordia nerf going a long way to help the Greek vs Roman matchup, and despite the buffs Mayan has received they are still the weakest of the three.


Nemesis + Thanatos, Athena, Artemis

Shock & Awe + Wacries (Posiedon, Enyo, Athena, Ares)

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