Du De Du De Du

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Mulligan Guide:

Always Keep: Hyena, Arachne, 1 Judgment

Keep Apollo if you already have 1 Hyena or 1 Arachne. 

Keep Against: 

Ra – Chaos Spawn

Zeus – Deicide

Never Keep: Poseidon



Beast Package:


Learnean is good enough to run in the deck by itself. Baboon is extremely important to run to let us run rush decks out of steam more consistently. Normally Arachne is our only play we want to make on 2 mana, but by including 2 hyenas, we double our chances of having something to do on 2 mana. It can make favorable trades, and if you get an Arachne out with it on board, it can really pop off. 


Removal Package:

I’ve found a single Deicide to be enough. Double Divine Vengeance and Double Judgment have been incredibly valuable. If Zeus becomes flavor of the month, adding in Phantom Grasp might be advisable in exchange for a Divine Vengeance, since our mirror matchup is out weakest with this decklist. 


Enyo is extremely strong, not only as an offensive force, but also as a defensive body. Being able to block 2 lanes with a single card is huge. Very important card. 


Poseidon is not a card you should play on 4. He is great on 7+ Mana, but you need your normal hero power early on so you can keep the board.

Notable Exclusions

Brontes: I ran Brontes for a while, but he feels bad when I draw him later in the game. I decided to cut him, and I don’t miss him. 

Medusa: You already handle non-gods very well. Awful stats if silenced. 

Both of these would make the cut in a 30 card deck, but with 25 I just can’t fit it in. 

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