Egypt Beasts

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This is the only deck I became rank 1 with and it is mainly about getting all the strong beasts.

I don’t like serqet, because it works with luck. It is one of the strongest cards, but I like bastet more, because the calculations are better. It’s also awesome if you get a Surtr on the field.

The strongest earlycombo is gift of the nile on bastet to spam the cats, white tiger is the best filler, because he can get healed if he gets more defense.

Surtr, Anhur, Focused blast and Geb worked all good as fast midgame counters, and are only once in the deck.

In lategame you want to play Isis, but hydra (can buff sobek), anubis and neith are great alternatives.

Arges and Fist of the gods turned out to be effective draw-cards. Arges is great because he gets aggro, means he often gets silenced, and then you can play sobek or bastet easier.

On the start I pick cards below 4 mana because the 1,2 and 3 mana cards are all good.

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