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Wanted to try out this kind of deck. Basic premise is that you kill every card in your opponents deck and win by fatigue  damage or by having the last unit alive.  Sometimes it’s fun playing every card in your deck.

I’m going to briefly summarize my experience with the deck.

To my surprise the deck actually works which is cool, i’ve won game where I haven’t drawn either execute or annihilation which means it can function outside those cards which is a good thing. The games i’ve lost have been down to an unanswered snowball card gaining immense stat value (brontes,hyena)  and consistently dodging removal range, and unfortunate discordia. I’d like to add though that I have beaten discordia decks simply because outside of book of thoth and annihilation or anubis, no other cards are really effective against my deck or in the hands of bellona(thoth is simply a 5mana 2/4 ranged), which means weak post discordia turns, and strong topdecks for myself.

I will now talk about cards that that exceeded expectation
I’ll do this by mana order, focused blast seems expensive and it is but currently the reality is that 3 drops are so strong people are still playing them on turn 4 onwards (most decks have 4-6 3drops)  meaning focused blast is really good.
Last breath is strong card, I believe it’s strong in this deck for two reasons the first being that sunder, magma slam, and khepri eliminate small/token units meaning no rng. And secondly because my deck lacks board presence there is no value trade for him to make with doomed units his only option is to do usually irrelevant damage to my summoning stone.
Recruiter is a card that was initially put in as a meme answer to discordia but actually surprised me by being a great card that synergizes with the over all goal of the deck to exhaust all the opponents resources. With Recruiter the highroll or lowroll doesn’t matter that much but it can win you the game, getting anathena means an execute you can use elsewhere, getting an apollo means a magma slam you can use elsewhere. Really good card.
Book of thoth, the unplayable greedy slow do nothing 5mana card. So you take a look at this deck and you wonder, how can a deck with the highest costing card being 7 possible be a fatigue deck? I’m sure you’re all aware of the possible value generation by book of thoth and also it’s rng elements but you don’t need max highroll for this card to be good, you don’t need double execute or annihilation for this card to be playable. I will say that i’ve had nothing but good experiences with this card. Get sacrifice? Well paired with serqet you can now  kill all of zeus’s deck you don’t even need the executes. Get another recruiter? that’s a 4 card deck swing. Get cataclysm? That’s two turns of complete stun for you to draw into removal.

Cards not mentioned are by no means bad or underwhelming but simply understood that they are good

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