[Grand Melee] 5-0 Card Draw NuWa [Gauntlet]

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Hand of the Gods gameplay showing a Gauntlet run using NuWa for “Grand Melee”, all voiced over by yours truly.
This is a fun and fantastic deck, very close to what I would run for a ranked Chinese deck, obviously missing the Hou-Yi, He Bo and optional Marksman that are not allowed by the rules of the GRAND MELEE!  Hou-Yi & HeBo are a very powerful card, but the card drawing power provided by the Harpy & Warrior, as well as the Imperial Guard more than make up for it in a meta where your opponents also cannot use their powerful ranged units, especially helping in the Odin & Ganesha.
This is a fairly controlling deck that tries to snuff out the early game with powerful creatures and a large number of nukes.  Try and save your board wipe combos for when they are needed, and not just drop Guan Yu or Ao Kuang for board presence.  Sometimes hero powering, dropping a lesser threat, and passing with left over mana is the correct play.
Juggernaut + SunWukong
Ao Kuang/Guan Yu + Rushing Thunder
Ao Kuang + Dragon King for 14 damage (not possible without coin)

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