Healing Ra (a lot of value)

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This is a control deck, that relies on the healing synergy between Sobek/Dune Guardian/Neith/Thoth and Khepri/Geb/Ra. Ra’s early game is not that great, but his late game can be pretty insane thanks to the cards like Book of the Dead and Isis.

In the mulligan phase always keep Sobek, Bastet and Serqet. Against Odin and Ah Puch you can also keep Khepri.

Deck already has a lot of removals, so I decided not to include Chaos Spawn. Furthermore, it’s a control deck with a lot of high mana cards, so card draw is not really needed. To increase the chances of surviving against aggro decks I also included one Baboon, every Odin‘s nightmare.

Bastet doesn’t quite fit in this deck in the sense that her cats have only 1 health and can’t be healed, but it is simply an overpowered card on itself and makes up for the lack of minions in the early game.

If you don’t have the legendary and epic cards, you can replace them with Sunder, Magma Slam, Focused Blast, Last Breath, Spartan or one more Baboon.

Enjoy the deck 🙂

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