[Highlander] Odin Optimized [Gauntlet]

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Hand of the Gods gameplay showing a Gauntlet run using Odin for “Highlander”, all voiced over by yours truly.

For Highlander, which has a max of 1 of any card, consistency can be thrown out the window.  This means the hero power becomes incredibly powerful, and tempo will usually win games.  So Odin is king!

The changes from my last deck were to remove 1 Behemoth and 1 Tusky and replace them with Mercenary and Cursed Dragon.  Mercenary becomes another combo potential with Wind Demon & Hastened Fatalis, and Cursed Dragon gives us an option to kill a backline that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to attack.

The deck is pretty self explanatory, and fast 🙂

Against Chinese try and get Arges and play slower, you will either win fast and destroy their tempo, or you will get wiped and need to finish with your combo.


Thor/Loki/Mercenary + Hastened Fatalist + Wind Demon

Surtr + Zombies

Zabin Scout + Hero Power


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