Jar ra 1.3 [OB 0.37]

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With the change to sacrifice this opens up possibilities of increasing the burst damage from canopic jar in conjunction with appeasement.

Deck is a very rough draft  don’t play it yet.

current problems,
hand size issues; too many situational cards means drawing extra cards can be hard
mana issues; the deck takes a lot of mana to complete the steps for the combo

Ideal combo 4 canopic jars 2 Pharaohs health = 24 damage

update 2

– 1 hive
the best appeasement target in the game, didn’t need two though becomes useless at two
– 2 deserted warrior
too slow
-1 sacrifice
too slow/unnecessary
-1 execute
only sometimes need execute

+1 geb
helps with mid game sustain
+1 anubis
helps reduce board pressure mid game
+2 sacred warrior
better than departed warrior
+1 cataclysm
stun is really good at giving you free mana to ignore the board and develop towards combo by drawing more cards/using appeasement

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