Late Game Destroyer Zeus

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This Deck is very weak in the early Game but very strong in the Late Game. And If you have luck such that you go second and have champion’s Bluff in hand you May summon in your second turn (Using Mana potion) Accensus/Blademaster/Nike/Medusa/Hades. And If it’s Blademaster you can immideately Attack! 

There are Severell powerfull Combos possible e.g. with Artemis + Shock & Awe you can Deal up to 18 damage in one turn. And don’t be afraid of Agro decks as you have Ascension. (If you want you can replace Champion’s Bluff by another Ascension)

Other Combos:

Hades on field + Enyo + The Kraken

Athena/Ares + Shock & awe

Nike/Athena on field + Ascension + Nike/Athena 

Ascension + Hades/Enyo

Champion’s Bluff + Mana potion + Phantom grasp

1st turn Hevenly Agility + 2nd Turn Champion’s bluff

1st turn Mana potion + The kraken!

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