Mayan Classic

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Mayas used to be my favourite Pantheon and they are still decent. This deck can win against every deck, but it is luck dependant, so there are combos in it that work a bit like critical strike chance would work. That’s why most maya players simply play low Zombies for mass dmg and counter spam. This deck is meant to strike hard and surprising with oldschool jungle flair.

Draw cards

Harpye (Maya’s are the only pantheon I find them good  to be in, shrine isn’t worth in this deckstyle)

Defiled Bounty (You will need lingering dead, but then it is very stable)

early game

You want the enemy to waste his cards on attacking the zombies, so just place them aggressively. In the best case there are always at least 2 targets, and the opponent does not know which he must attack first.


Maya’s got the best single target counters, so that will be no problem. If the enemy rushes, that would be a weakpoint, so try to prepare against rushes and save the cards that are important, like kukulkan 7 mana cards, decay and sever


Tomb warden and camazotz have the highest dmg. Often I also play bloodrite as a 9.9 or even 10.10. card in lategame. If you managed to save a raise the grave, this would be good too, but most of the time it is better to play it early or midgame.

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