Midrange Ah Puch (still testing – 0.37)

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So, both quest, Win 3 games as Ah Puch and Play 20 Mayans Gods, force me to try something with the forgotten “zombie dude”. And as you see I’m with this deck by now.

Also, this gave me a chance to test the new/reworked cards that came with the Discordia patch (0.37) and before. TL DR; most of them sucks, except Bloodrite. The big issue for Ah Puch is the lack of snowball effect and how bad he suffers it (as you will face lots of Bellona with the nice Bacchus on turn 3, Nu Wa always present with Hou Yi/Imperial Guard – or Beasts, and never forget the beard/panda dude Odin, the aggro master). Bloodrite is pretty versatile, as you can cast it early to create a 3-3 body or on late game if you need some big dude rather than only Fire Giant or Camazotz.

“But tell me”, you may ask, “why not any resurrect card (Barter Soul e.g.) or Raise the Grave?”. They are too slow for this meta and on early/mid game they are pretty dead cards, and you want to deal with this snowballing. So, I trade it for cards that could give me more presence on board.

Of course, as the title says, is still on test. Any suggestion is welcome n.n


Starting First: Bloodrite/Harpy – Xbalanque – Chaos Spawn/Blood Bound/Unholly Offering

Being Second: Xabalanque/Bloodrite – Chaos Spawn/Unholly Offering (for Bacchus; keep on eye on silence against Nu Wa, specially Imp Guard or Hyena) – Spartan/Gladiator – Harpy

One thought on “Midrange Ah Puch (still testing – 0.37)

  1. IE IL IL
    February 20, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    Thanks for the deck gonna try it out now


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