Midrange Zeus 0,30 (lower curve and pretty cheap)

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Big Questions:

Why no Apollo: Accidentaly left him out, havn’t had any issues in the early game and I’m not really missing him, so he stays out.

Why no Hydras: I don’t like running OP cards more or less. You can add Hydras if you want I guess.

Why Marksman and Arges: Card draw is always good, and I like playing stuff early (i.e. not greedy). Works well with Greek who can’t really play from behind.

Why no Poseidon: Not really valid, I know he seems like it – but he doesn’t do a lot.

Why only 1 Chaos Spawn: Running 2 I feel removes a lot of consistency of developing board. Greek already has a lot of cards that are answers, so I’d rather make room for something that develops board.

What cards do you recommend adding/removing: Not sure about Divine Vengance, expected more Hindu (which it is good against) – havn’t really used the card a lot. You can add Enyo/Medusa/Phantom Grasp if you have them and remove a Vengance and the Hades’s for them.

How will Arachne change this deck: She’ll probably fit in.

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