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When Squirrel was 2.3 and Sol was overpowered, this was my strongest deck by far. It is still my best early game deck, and it even wins against the fafnir version, but not always of course. The cards are dependant on each other and you have to play strategically in a way that the pantheon ability can be used as often as possible. That’s true for all pantheons to get card advantages over time. It is a fast and aggressive rush, fun deck.

draw cards

Gift of munin

War behemoth (nice midgame defense to wait for attacks)


Earlygame is easy, try to fight with the pantheon ability, and play the cards as soon as it seems to be save. Then attack as fast as possible and try to stay on the opponents side of the field.


Skadi is most important, becasue you could draw mayhem for more damag and skadi is also range, Tusky is the ebst defensive card so be carefull using it. Tusky with runestone is nearly overpowered, but very hard to play.


One of the high mana cards has to survive to win in lategame, dragon, freya, Bull demon king hel or war behemoth. If you get one of them it’t very easy to attack with the lower cards all at once. Ymir is not in the deck because it is too slow, it is better in fafnir decks. Also no loki or Fenrier in it, because they are slow too. I don’t play much counters, because being fast is the strenght of norse, and has to be used, otherwise other pantheons would outdamage it.

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