Orbital Strike

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Deck Thought Process
With Ganesha being deleted from the game I thought i’d mess around with a damage from hand deck, many classes lack enough healing sustain to recover out of range from 2 or 3 direct hits with units and only about a 1/4 of those players actually run the healing,  making it easy to finish off with Inferno . Don’t know the best build yet. I didn’t want to put Ao in he seemed a bit too slow. recursive vitality probably should be in this deck since it gives extra attack to ne zha and is a one mana spell (recursive is a great card but this isn’t the right deck for it not enough gods to proc it). I might need another draw card you’re really dependent on a good Emperor’s prize to keep your hand filled. Zhong kui might be overkill, he’s sometimes faster than inferno but building up the damage bag can be really inconsistent, one of the weaker cards in the deck in my opinion.

Had to remove crescent blade for Silence (The pantheon card) Because some friggin memers on ladder are playing pillar of patience and one absolute memelord was playing Gallus (Adjacent friendlies have immune to enemy spells). Not that big of a change since it fits and you should definitely play the class card over the neutral silence because it is cheap.

Started to brick some games so took out zhong and recursive for double harpy, deck needed to be faster so took out silence for contemplation because I need more triple procs early game

Took away one ne zha for one beckoning strike don’t know how good it is yet, l I have 4 damage (siphon mind), 2 damage rushing thunder, 16 damage inferno, 2 damage beckoning strike. This totals to 24 adding another beckoning strike would mean 26 a lot of damage from hand. So in theory I could remove all proactive units and concentrate on defensive spells I don’t think that’s a good idea all these units are able to carry the game by themselves. I think this might be the final draft the only things left to consider are the perfect unit ratio for emperors prize, more ways to slow down the game over burn such as pummel or other stun/removal options. And finally silence as a tech option.

Update x

Played a bit more with the deck tried what others suggested I tried with double Ao Kuang
it’s alright but I don’t feel it fits in a burn deck it’s more of a sort of value grindy card with high body stats/mana cost and a persistent buff effect. I tried with a single inferno, really didn’t like that I think in a deck as cycle heavy as this killing someone from 16 over two turns is a realistic and achievable goal and I find it correct to play two infernos. I tried cutting 1 chang’e, also didn’t like that chang’e is very good at letting you powercycle through a multitude of cards and playing them in one turn she’s really good at accelerating your win condition and playing above your mana curve. Chang’e wins games a card that wins games is worth playing two of.

– ne zha
+dragon king

1. ne zha, ok as a 3 drop nowhere near as good as imperial guard it’s really just the match up against Zeus that I don’t want to play harpy on turn 3 to get thanatoasted. It can be good but I can’t put the cards in my deck that make it good.
2. Dragon king, basically the answer to athena that’s his job really kill midsized minions when you don’t have a hebo in hand. It can be used as direct damage which is good and why it’s worth a slot. A card that provides a win condition but also helps you survive is a good card

New update

– beckoning strike
+ After shock

Beckoning strike was not a mana efficient answer, often had to be coined to deal with hyena and did not have enough damage to answer bacchus,  aftershock will allow an answer to 2 drops without coin and 3 drops with crescent blade while also giving the possibility to remove large threats when paired with calamity. It is worth noting that this change makes emperors prize worse

Update 7 june 2018

Some cards i’m not that excited about seeing in my hand anymore include rushing thunder so I don’t think aggro is as prevalent anymore, jank midrange seems to be the main course for most. I’ll give some thought on how I can adjust the deck against the current meta with an update soon. ecks dee

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