OTK Bellona

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This is an updated list from HRX2018 that is considered by most a “meme” deck but it’s just plain fun.


Card Choices:


The Units:

Fire Imp x2

– Cheap charge unit

Mercenary x1

– Cheap charge unit with upside

Bacchus x2

– OP 3 drop

Departed Warrior x1

– Card draw

Elder Harpy x2

– Card draw

Mercury x2

– For those OP RNG plays


– Protected win-con


– Ranged stun at the 4 slot


– Best 6 drop that can also just double sprint for 18 dmg



The Spell and Combo cards:


– This sets up huge Tenacity turn with multiple units on board


– The money combo card


– Combos with the above two for the One Turn Kill (OTK), also good without the other two


– The only direct damage spell that has a 5/3 ranged attached to it, can also hit stone

Power Delve

– This works as a pseudo charge unit and a big combo the following turn


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