[Pantheon Wars Greek/Roman] 5-0 Zeus [Gauntlet]

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Hand of the Gods: Zeus Midrange [Pantheon Wars Greek/Roman]

Hand of the Gods gameplay showing a Gauntlet run using Zeus for “Pantheon Wars”, all voiced over by yours truly.

When trying to figure out whether to choose Greek vs Roman this Gauntlet, the things that really pushed me into using Greek this time around was the changes to Posiedon and The Kraken being made its own card.  The tempo that Poseidon can generate can be crazy sometimes even when bouncing a single card.  When you think about it, he only cost 1 more than a He Bo, with so much more potential in the warcry’s use.

The nerf to Bacchus is dealable, he still can get immunity to melee and cleave, but by changing of Discordia to her current form, which cannot generate new cards in it’s players hand, weakened the matchup of Rome with a lot of late game Pantheons, Greek included. 

Kraken gives Greek even further reach into the late game, now that they don’t have to worry about Discordia taking away all your 6&7 drops!

Anyways, we got a ton of games in this video, hopefully you guys still enjoy watching this type of longform content that includes losses!


Shock & Awe + Wacries (Posiedon, Enyo, Athena, Ares)

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