[Prodigal Gauntlet] 5-0 Bellona

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Update March 18: This deck was effected by the Power Delve nerf pretty hard, but could still be viable.


Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics gameplay on the PS4 showing another 5-0 Gauntlet run using Bellona for “Prodigal”, voice-overed by me.

This is a modified version of a Roman ladder deck I use at Master Rank which completely sells out on the early game, having 2 drops that you would never use on 2, meaning you can focus on building your ideal turn 3 curve from the beginning.  In addition if you are going second, this deck is incredibly powerful coining out back to back 3 drops, so try to keep a hand with two of the following: Bacchus / Arges / Mercury and hopefully a 4 drop.  In this format you don’t have the 3 drop neutral guy who silences so I go full cheese with my Tenacity Choice.  Always keep Venus when you can, Arges Venus is a completely great start for this slow Gauntlet.

Video contains indepth deck strategy during 5 gauntlet games.

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