Ranged Bellona (fun deck)

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This is a deck, that abuses the synergy between Bellona‘s hero ability and ranged units (you can move enemy melee units and freely kill them with your archers). Downside of this deck is its weak early game, but her removal spells make up for that. Against aggro decks you also have Baboon. Overall a pretty fun and strong deck. 

Best case scenario for the mulligan phase is pulling Inferno Cannon and Bacchus. Against aggro decks it’s nice to have early ShackleRain of Arrows and Venus.

I recommend to deploy your minions behind your summoning stone, especially against Odin, since he has many minions with charge. Also, don’t forget about the synergy between Cupid and Shackle / Cupid and Venus.

If you don’t have the epic or legendary cards, you can replace them with OutmaneuveredFanweiBludgeonTerra, Power Delve or Occult Deadeye.

Have fun 🙂 

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