Roman Combo (~2k elo deck)

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So I get around 2k elo with it and win quite often. Most rank 1 enemies hide in the backline, means romans spam range cards and stuns, chinese wait for he bo and guan yu combos, mayas spam zombies, etc.. Greeks wait for Athena or Kraken so be carefull, and Norse tend to just run around you without fighting, so build good defense against them. This is a very strong alternative to the common playstyle where you hide and counter a lot, because you can attack from the first round without getting countered so fast. There are a lot of combos possible and a lot of them can turn the fight around in one round.

Draw cards

– Armaments (if enemy got mana pot, you can draw 2 cards for 2 mana, good card in midgame)

– occult deadeye (romans are very god heavy, so this turned out to be the stronges additional draw card)

early rush

-marksman (this took me a while to figure out, together with enough other defense, it can get 5 – 10 attack fo high aggro)

-inferno cannon (can trigger tenacity and venus, very good defensive card)

-mercury, bachus, nox (strongest cards with low mana)

-bombard (only put it once in the deck)

-tenacity (very strong, also put only one in the deck)

midgame counter

-Bolster (good with vulcan, fire giant, terra, and probably bacchus or nox)

-Sprint (can often finish with 2 terra attacks for 12 damage, or knock 2 enemies out)

-Bludgeon (very high damage card)

-outmanouvered (sometimes the only card that can defeat a Guan yu or kukulkan, etc.)

-Gladiator (good with all inferno cannons, rush attacks, getting to the backline, hiding, or saving 2 mana in a round)


-Terra (only one because it is mana heavy, and you can get a 5 mana one if you are lucky with occult deadeye)

-Fire Giant (best legendary card for romans)


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