Master rank Control Zeus

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This is an evolved and updated version of the list I posted about a month ago.  The list has changed slightly, you probably noticed Ares got swapped for Phantom grasp,  Enyo was dropped altogether and I added touch of Midas. 

Touch of Midas is not an early game card it’s a mid to late game catch all once you know exactly what you are looking for.  I’ve used it to grab a Discordia and take a control decks hand,  I’ve used it against Odin to grab a Venus and lock him out the game.  It’s a situational card that almost always give you something useful. 

Phantom grasp was added in place of Ares,  I was noticing alot of times the big threats ares would be pulling were god’s,  so instead of stunning to kill why not just take it.  Also,  is a much better play when you are even or ahead and the opponent is trying to catch up.  

Edit : since the discordia Nerf I added War Behemoth for additional card advantage. I started my testing at 2 but found them clunky and decking my self out.  I feel like 1 is the right number along side 2 divine intervention. 

This is not a mid-range deck it is very much a Board control deck.  So occasionally the right play maybe to do nothing, such as a turn 4 if you answer their play and they answer your 1 threat.  Some hands will be reactive needing your opponent to make some kind of play to become explosive.  Very rarely is playing a card like nemesis for 0 value correct.  


One thought on “Master rank Control Zeus

  1. HunTerallbright
    March 27, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Looks good but 2 I see 2 problems, 1 this deck will struggle with aggressive Odin and beast Nu Way (if you don’t believe me send me a challenge ArcticCain I’ll show you) 2 it has a lot of non gods for Divine Vengence to be worth putting in. I’d replace Brontes with something that helps against Aggro.


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