Swarm Odin (8 Win – The Gauntlet: Pauper)

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Used this deck for an 8 win run in The Gauntlet: Pauper on 20 Oct. 2017.


Play Style – Aggressive Control with Combos!

As the name suggests, the idea of this deck is to overwhelm your opponent by flooding the board with 1/1s from Warrior's Sigil, Hunter's Sigil, and Dagaz. These 1/1s can be buffed with Scion of DoomSurtr, or Venator to trade with larger minions more efficiently. I played my Cursed Hunters in the back row, and left them there to pick of incoming enemy minions for a few turns until I had secured board control.

More minions on board makes for more devastating rolls from Mayhem, which can potentially clear the enemy board, or weaken enemy minions enough to be mopped up by a hit or two from a 1/1 or Dagaz. Don’t be hesitate to use Mayhem early either. I had a few opponents concede because I was able to clear their board on turn 2/3.

If you can’t clear larger minions with a Gift of Munin, you can use Tusky to neutralize them, and deal with them over two turns. I included Steropes and Fury for some late game threats, and potential rush damage on the enemy core when combo’ed with a Runestone of Ire on turn 8/9.

Your board will be susceptible to clears, but holding a Sigil back, hitting the Leader  Power, and dropping a 2/3-cost minion can easily repopulate your side of the board in one turn.


Possible Substitutions

  • Came across several Odins running double Backstab. My only loss with this deck was from a top-decked Backstab on my first attempt.
  • With nine spells, an Imperial Soldier could find a place in the deck too.

Missing Card

Tusky (not yet in database): Probably not essential, but helps neutralize some big threats, and gets a 4/2 beast on the board. Also works great with Runestone of Ire



https://i.imgur.com/kLOXoi3.png (Need to work out how to add a screenshot)


Edited 21/10/2017

  • Updated deck list to include Tusky
  • Added some info on play style

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