Token Au Puch

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Made token Au Puch it’s alright wins sometimes. Always be mindful of setting up lethal, the deck has high burst damage. Your first two plays will likely be hero ability and pass. Always look to be ahead on board even if that mean using blood bond on a two drop.

Honestly Kukulkan, decay, and blight aren’t right for this deck but I got to put something in to raise the powerlevel. Lingering dead is really bad but it’s sometimes useful that’s why it’s a one of. Bloodrite is a curve filler but always make sure to use your hero ability first, two zombie tokens are worth more than one unit with extra stats. If you have the board position your units AGGRESSIVELY on the front row where they can target stone next turn. In a deck with double corpse explosion and Camazotz, chip damage matters. Most importantly you aren’t looking for a huge raise the grave, you’re using it to maintain tempo and stay ahead on board. Using raise the grave on only two zombies for one to make a favourable trade is part of the plan.  The power of Au Puch is locking down enemy spawn points starting turn 1

Oh and beware since you’re playing Au Puch if your opponent plays literally anything at all you are likely to lose.

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