Warcry me a river, Game Version 1.2, From Rank 30 to 1

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This Warcry based deck helped me climb from Rank 30 to Rank 1 and into the leaderboard with minor adjastments, with 153 wins, 63 loses and 12 defeats from crashes because of DJ Zeus skin. 

As of the official version of game release the strong card changing the tides here is poseidon. He is encouraged to be played early if you have him to gain tempo.

the 2 mana cards are useful throughout the game except arachne

Arachne and Scylla help with aggro decks like Odin and Ah Puch

Apollo and Brontes can build up the game

Shock and awe provides silence to a distrubing opponent minion plus adds an extra warcry you might need like the hook and stun of Ares. 

1 Arges is more than enough, there were cases I reached 10 cards and when drawing more cards they were burned

The Kraken is good especially late game to clear the deck and in parallel use of gladiator

Thanatos can clear any 2 health based minion or deliver lethal

Enyo is a strong 5/5 and can provide extra dmg and spawning points in front of the enemy summoning stone 

Athena can land everywhere and deliver up to 16 dmg

Ares can hook annoying enemy minions staying far away, stun and is a strong 7/6

Artemis is a strong ranged 4/5 and is very RNG but with so many high value cards, chances are good

Phantom Grasp can dishearten your opponent. As you build tempo and control the deck from 2 mana to 6, when your opponent spawns a powerful god to counter you, you just still him/her and he quits.

Fire Giant, everyone’s favorite card, no comment

One thought on “Warcry me a river, Game Version 1.2, From Rank 30 to 1

  1. Yohk
    April 10, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    0 Aphrodite or Hades or Medusa ?


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