The Winged Goddess – Open Beta 0.35 Patch Notes

Here are the new patch notes for the upcoming “The Winged Goddess” patch!


  • Jing Wei (Chinese)
    • Ranged unit, God, 7 mana, 5/4, Rare
    • Warcry: Spawn a Wind Elemental.
  • Wind Elemental (Neutral)
    • Melee Unit, 3 Mana, 3/3, Common
    • Afterlife: Add a random spell to your hand.
  • Shrine of the Dead (Mayan)
    • Structure, 1 mana, 0/3, Rare
    • During your draw step, reveal the top card of your deck and a random card from your graveyard. Add one to your hand and place the other in your graveyard.


  • Accensus (Neutral)
    • Cost increased from 3 to 9.
    • Attack Increased from 2 to 9.
    • Health increased from 4 to 9.
    • New Ability: At the start of your turn, move to a random enemy and attack it. This counts as normal move and attack.
  • Awilix (Mayan)
    • Health increased from 1 to 3.
    • New Passive: Whenever this unit kills a unit, spawn a 2/2 Zombie.
  • Bloodrite (Mayan)
    • Cost reduced from 1 to 0.
    • New: Spend all remaining mana to spawn a Zombie with attack and health equal to the amount spent.
  • Hades (Greek)
    • New Passive: Whenever this unit kills a unit, add a copy of it to your hand.
  • Promote (Roman)
    • Cost reduced from 3 to 1.
    • New: Replace all friendly units in a 2×2 area with a random unit that costs 1 more.


  • Weekday Gauntlet 1: Marksmanship
    • Players can only queue with decks that have Spells and Ranged units. No Melee units are allowed.
    • 5 Wins Rewards:
      • 2 Core Packs
      • 100 Favor
      • Cutesy Izanami Avatar
  • Weekday Gauntlet 2: Overflow
    • Players have 10 mana every turn.
    • 5 Wins Rewards:
      • 2 Core Packs
      • 100 Favor
      • Thanatoast Avatar
  • Weekend Gauntlet 1: Pauper
    • Players can only create decks that contain Free and Common cards.
    • 5 Wins Rewards:
      • 2 Core Packs
      • 100 Favor
      • Cutesy Chang’e Avatar
  • Weekend Gauntlet 2: Pantheon Wars
    • Players can only queue with decks that have ALL Hindu or Mayan Cards. All other pantheons are not allowed in this queue, nor are neutral cards.
    • 5 Wins Rewards:
      • 3 Core Packs
      • 150 Favor
      • Cutesy Scylla Avatar
  • Only decks created from your collection and meeting the deck requirements will be eligible for use in the Gauntlet. This must be done before entering the queue.
  • Rewards will be granted to players who achieve 5 wins.
  • Monday at 5am EDT – Friday at 5am EDT players will be able to access two weekday gauntlets.
  • Friday at 5am EDT – Monday at 5am EDT players will be able to access two weekend gauntlets.
  • After a player has won or lost a specific gauntlet type, they will not be able to enter that same gauntlet again until the daily cooldown resets at 5am EDT.


  • FPS Limiter
    • In-game frames per second can now be limited to match the refresh rate of your monitor on PC.
    • This feature will reduce resource usage, and will be to the benefit of laptops and older computers.
  • Quest Requirements
    • Quests that required players to play 30 gods (from a particular pantheon) have been reduced to 20 gods.
    • Quest that required players to play 60 gods (from any pantheon) has been reduced to 50 gods.
  • Gauntlets
    • Gauntlet Rewards now only require 5 consecutive wins within a day, down from 8.
  • Leader Level Rewards
    • Favor gains from gaining a Leader Mastery Level have been reduced to 50 Favor, down from 100, in preparation for Leader Mastery Rewards.
  • Leader Abilities
    • New images have been added to the in-game UI to reflect Leader abilities.
  • Ranked rewards have arrived! With patch 0.35, all players’ ranks will be reset.
    • Players who reached ranks 11-25 before patch 0.35 will receive:
      • 100 Dust
      • 300 Favor
      • Thor Avatar
    • Players who reached ranks 1-10 before patch 0.35 will receive:
      • 200 Dust
      • 600 Favor
      • Ranked 2017 Avatar
      • Thor Avatar


  • Lernaean Hydra card text updated to more accurately reflect its ability (+1/+0).
  • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fortitude was not properly giving the buff to all units.
  • Fixed an issue where if Nox was buffed before using her Warcry she would not exit the unit still buffed.
  • Fixed an issue where minimizing a Discover panel would prevent the user from being able to select a card.
  • Fixed an issue where acquisition popups would not always appear.
  • Fixed an issue where Recursive Vitality would sometimes take mana from players when returned to hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Avatars from Call of Avatar would not gain Charge.


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